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Or else it fell.: Yeah, it's cool that Anonymous took down a bunch of major sites as a protest, but that's no reason to like them.



Anonymous is overwhelmingly racist, sexist, and ignorant. It’s made up of mostly angry young white guys. Also, um yeah those websites going down sucks for those organizations but there are a lot of lower level workers who will have to deal with…

But um anon IS a bunch of angry young racist sexist white guys.

They are not these things because they are white.

But that’s just what anon i.

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    Wow, you’ve obviously never hung out with any of them. We’re part of Anonymous in a way, and we’re not racist or sexist....
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    I think they’re just specifying that a lot of Anonymous’ sexism, racism, and Islamophobia (among other things) stems...
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    Good points yes but Why is a fact that they are young white guys a reason to dislike them?? ?????? Like its fine to not...
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    How did you find out that Anonymous is mostly angry young white guys? I thought they were….anonymous?
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    Pretty much how I feel whenever I hear news about Anonymous doing “good” work.
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    Yyyyeeeah, I’m personally uncomfortable with the whole “take down websites” thing. It strikes me as more petty than...
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    How is Anonymous racist or sexist? Where’s the proof? Seriously, I’m not trying to troll or be a prick, I just don’t see...
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    lol wat. out of all the people I’ve met through anonymous not one of them has been anything like whats just been...